Event Pictures

    • Deep Freeze

      The Ice Runaway

    • The "Mighty Mouse" does it again!

    • vMGen Urbanski at Neumayer Station

    • Getting it done!!

    • Airborne at McMurdo

    • Who checked the weather before this flight?

    • Nothing else does it like the Herc!!!

    Operation Deep Freeze 2016 Information

    Operation Deep Freeze STARTEX: November 25, 2016

    WINFLY: November 25, 2016 to December 09, 2016
    MAINBODY: December 10, 2016 to January 20, 2017
    REDEPLOYMENT: January 21, 2017 to February 10, 2017


    vMGen Drew Ritz - vBGen. Dennis Stanek

    Operation DEEP FREEZE (ODF) has its roots in the storied history of the US Navy’s explorations in Antarctica. Captain Charles Wilkes led the first U.S. Naval Expedition into Antarctic Waters in 1839. In 1929, Admiral Richard E. Byrd established naval outposts on the Antarctic coast and began conducting photographic and geologic mapping operations around the continent on snowshoe, dog-sled, snow mobile, and airplane. On November 28, 1929, Byrd and his crew made their historic first flight over the South Pole. After several more expeditions to Antarctica, in 1946, Byrd organized the U.S Navy’s Operation Highjump, which put 4,000 people and numerous ships and other craft into the area of the Ross Sea.

    The ENDEX date for this event is on February 12, 2017.