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Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at the Virtual United States Air Force, the premier air force in the virtual world. This Organization was the founding member of the United Nations Air Force, now referred to as the Special Operations Administration for VATSIM.

This is a volunteer force comprise of Civilian, Active Duty, Reservists, and Overseas (worldwide) participants making a total force of some of the best pilots ever to take the virtual skies. Because of the overall complexity of worldwide participation, in a world where the dynamics change daily, it is important to remember the origins of the force and the future goal.

These dynamics, the ever-increasing technology that changes the nature of operations, is coupled with the core values of our organization Enjoyment, Education and Excellence.
This is an organization that mirrors our real world counterpart, to fulfill those core values, and to pay homage to our comrades in arms with the respect and dignity of carrying on the air force "family" roles, by providing education to interested persons, in a way that can be enjoyed by all.

We are organized with a new vision, that of an Air Expeditionary Force. A force that can conduct varying missions: Strike, Air-Air Engagement, Airborne Warning, Reconnaissance, Standardized Test and Evaluation, Special Operations, Space operations, and other substantial core and support missions. These missions, coupled with our drive, help us to achieve our core goals of: Aerospace Superiority, Information Superiority, Global Attach Ability, Precision Engagement Ability, Rapid Global Mobility, and Agile Combat Support.

As I mentioned earlier, the world dynamics change consistently, as well as does the technology available. The Virtual US Air Force is committed to fleet modernization, and the test, evaluation, and practical application of these new technologies to achieve and exceed our goals, and core competencies. This innovation and adaptation to the changing environment, produces an elite group of individuals who are more engaged in their hobby, and make a difference through our core values.

This difference has a definite, and substantial worldwide influence. This influence is found closer to home as well. The key ingredient to this influence is the professionalism and quality of the people involved. These people meet tremendous challenges, overcome adversity, and continue to produce the quality and professional activities that influence others worldwide.

These challenges are best outlined with the fact that since it's conception in 1999, the VUSAF has seen a 400% increase in operational tempo, and this has been done with a 40% decreased on force structure. Such abilities, which instills the faith of the public in such operations in as much as 56% over other institutions (according to a 2000 Gallup Poll on public confidence in public institutions).

One Team, One Force, One Family. Terms some use as a coined phrase, for us it is the basis of our organization. We continue to seek quality team members to help lead us through our growing role in the VATSIM and other virtual arenas. In support of Americans, in support of the world, in support of our hobby throughout the new millennium.
Global Vigilance, Reach, and Power. The Virtual United States Air Force. NO ONE COMES CLOSE!


Robert Phillips, A1000
Chief of Staff

 Discord Server


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
A4000Luis Gonzalez  NSTU  NZCH December-11-2017 04:39
A3113Stanley Losiewicz  PHNL  NZCH December-11-2017 08:49
A3113Stanley Losiewicz  KSUU  PHNL December-11-2017 05:07
A3000Drew Ritz  NZCH  NZIR December-10-2017 06:03
A1003Will Friedman  NSTU  NZCH December-10-2017 04:51


A3207-Nicklas BieberDecember-12-2017
A4005-Jacob LittleDecember-11-2017
A4033-John BucknerDecember-11-2017
A4034-Anthony ContinoDecember-11-2017
A4007-John RileyDecember-10-2017


Operation Deep FreezeNovember-24-2017
VATMILEX 2018December-11-2017


Pilots 38
Aircraft in fleet 53
Routes 0
Total hours: 203:24
Flights total 36
Flights Regular 0
Flights Charter 36
% Flights Regular 0.00 %





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