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Robert Phillips


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James Pheibush

Chief of Staff

Member of the VATSIM Special Operations Community for 15 years.  Previously participated in the vUSN and currently a member of the vUSAF.   Hold a C3 senior controller rating on VATSIM.

Don Price

Deputy Chief of Staff

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Don Woolem

Deputy Chief of Staff

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William Friedman

A3 / Operations

I have been a part of the VATSIM Special Operations community for over 10 years. I have over 1,500 flight hours on VATSIM, and also hold a C3 Senior Controller rating. Prior to vUSAF I was involved with both the vUSN and vUSCG. 

I have held a FAA Private Pilot's license since 1991, and currently work for Lockheed Martin on the C-130J program.

Jason Anderson

A7 / Logistics - CRAF

I have been a flight simulation enthusiast for nearly 25 years.  I have fond memories of the very first Microsoft Flight Simulator and the "ever-friendly" environment of the dot-matrix "Downtown Chicago" with Meigs Field.  As flight simming has progressed, so has my passion for all things aviation related.  I only recently managed to join the realm of online flight simulation in 2013.  Until then, I was a solo "artist".  I currently hold a P1 pilot rating with VATSIM, and I have managed to teach myself VORs, NDBs, reading charts, and radio brevity.    

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Emergency Management from West Texas A&M University, and I am currently pursuing my Masters' Degree in Public Administration from Sam Houston State University.

I am a real-world prior service veteran of the United States Army, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004-2005.  I currently reside in Abilene, TX, with my wife, Heather.  Employed by the City of Abilene, I serve as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  In my free time, I enjoy training and playing with my dog Sophie, amateur photography, and woodworking.  

Curtis Young

A1 / Personnel

Luis Gonzalez


Pat Gannon

Director of Web Site operations (VUSAF/A2).

Drew Ritz


Dennis Stanek

AMC NAF/CC 18th Air Force

Kevin Corprew


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