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Pilot: A7114 Thorben Kottenhahn Aircraft: F-35A LIGHTNING II HILL421CUST Distance: 13NM
Departure SBMN Arrival SBMN Duration 00:04
Validation Validated Type Charter Tail Number 10-5012
ZFW 13244 Block Fuel/Initial FOB 314/0 Flight Fuel 152
Passengers 0 Cargo 0 Alternate
Departure Time Cruise Speed Flight Level
Flight Type VFR Aircraft Type F35A Weight Unit Kg
Date October-19-2023 Pilot Comments Network VATSIM
Crashed No Validator Comments Flight Rating 100

Crashed OK Beacon off & Engine Running Fail KIAS Above 250 below 10000 FT OK
Lights OFF below 10000 FT Fail Lights ON above 10000 FT OK Stall OK
Overspeed OK Flight paused OK Refueling OK
Slew detected OK Taxi & Taxi lights off Fail Take off & lights off OK
Landing & lights off OK Landed in not planned airport OK Taxi Speed Fail
Wrong altimeter in Take off OK Wrong altimeter in Landing OK
Landing wind 24º/0 kt Landing heading 257
Landing VS: -276.05 ft/min Landing IAS: 162.67 kt
Landing Force G 1 G Landing Bank -0.4
Landing Pitch 1.5 Landing Flaps 13
Navigation Lights ON Landing Lights ON
Beacon Lights OFF Strobe Lights ON
2023-10-19 20:23:09 SIM ACARS version 1.4.00258
2023-10-19 20:23:09 BOARDING0258
2023-10-19 20:23:39 STARTING ENGINE 1 0258
2023-10-19 20:23:39 BEACON LIGHT OFF & ENGINE ON0258
2023-10-19 20:25:41 TAXI TO THE RWY 10258
2023-10-19 20:25:41 TAXING WITH TAXI LIGHTS OFF10258
2023-10-19 20:25:43 ROLLING FOR TAKE OFF41258
2023-10-19 20:25:49 TAKE OFF157261
2023-10-19 20:26:01 GEAR UP199843
2023-10-19 20:26:02 LIGHTS OFF BELOW 10000 ft200906
2023-10-19 20:26:54 CRUISE2021131
2023-10-19 20:28:44 GEAR DOWN1831129
2023-10-19 20:28:54 DESCEND1801093
2023-10-19 20:29:47 LANDING163261
2023-10-19 20:30:09 TAXI TO THE GATE20258
2023-10-19 20:31:43 TAXI SPEED ABOVE 25 KTS23259
2023-10-19 20:24:0900258633BOARDING
2023-10-19 20:25:09002581833BOARDING
2023-10-19 20:26:0920321210609332CLIMBING
2023-10-19 20:27:09200212113613231CRUISE
2023-10-19 20:28:09201214122216131CRUISE
2023-10-19 20:29:0918218972220031DESCEND
2023-10-19 20:30:09232125822733LANDED
2023-10-19 20:31:091125823833TAXI TO THE GATE
2023-10-19 20:32:09202225925033TAXI TO THE GATE
2023-10-19 20:33:09111325826133TAXI TO THE GATE
2023-10-19 20:34:09111325927233TAXI TO THE GATE
2023-10-19 20:35:090025828333TAXI TO THE GATE
2023-10-19 20:36:090025829533TAXI TO THE GATE
2023-10-19 20:37:090025830633TAXI TO THE GATE

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