Virtual United States Air Force


Robert Phillips

Owner/Founder/General of the Air Force

Founded the Virtual United States Air Force in 1999.  Chief of Staff Emeritus.

James 'Bear' Pheibush

Co-Owner/Chief of Staff Emeritus

Member of the VATSIM Special Operations Community for 18 years.  Previously participated in the vUSN and currently a member of the vUSAF.   Hold a C3 senior controller rating on VATSIM.

Assumed the duties of Chief of Staff in 2017 and served as vCoS till July 2021.

July 2021 Retired. virtual Chief of Staff Emeritus.

William Friedman

Chief of Staff

Responsible for the overall Operation of and Senior Representative of the vUSAF. Shall retain the call sign of USAF1000.

I have been a part of the VATSIM Special Operations community for over 16 years. I have over 1,700 flight hours on VATSIM, and also hold a C3 Senior Controller rating. Prior to vUSAF I was involved with both the vUSN and vUSCG. I have held a FAA Private Pilot's license since 1991.

July 2021 Chief of Staff.


Drew Ritz

Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations/A3

Deputy Chief of Staff Operations/A3. In support of the Chief of Staff he leads the development and implementation of policy directly supporting global operations, force management, weather, training and readiness across air, space and cyber fields. As the Air Force Operations Deputy to the Chief of Staff, General Ritz determines operational requirements, capabilities and training required to support national security, defense and military objectives.



Curtis Young

A1 / Personnel

Director of Personnel (VAFDP/A1) is an administrative position that is responsible for all administrative functions of the vUSAF and the website. The VUSAF Chief of Personnel and staff receive new pilot applications, determines their pilot number, rank, hours and duty assignment. He sends welcome letters to new pilots and advises pertinent personnel of his actions. The Chief of Personnel through operational commanders, shall document delinquent pilots and delete them from the roster. This office shall retain the call sign of USAF1004 and the air staff identifier of A1. 

Luis Gonzalez

A8 / Director of Plans and Programs

Director for Plans and Programs (VUSAF/A8) is an administrative position with a unique requirement of working with all segments of the VUSAF to establish and maintain an annual list of activities and events. This office shall, at the request of each segment, assist with the generation of media for activities and events. This office may, at the request of a segment, assist in the administrative duties of such activities and events. This office may be assigned by the VUSAF/CS or DCS to generate and administer an activity or event for any segment of the VUSAF as they see fit. This office is under the direct supervision of the VUSAF/CS and DCS. Appointments of additional personnel shall be in accordance to vAFI 36-103 and subject to final approval by the Chief of Staff. This office shall retain the call sign of USAF1008 and the air staff identifier of A8.

Pat Gannon

A2 / Director of Web Site operations

Director of Web Site operations (VUSAF/A2) is responsible for the generation and maintenance of all organizational web assets. This office shall also oversee subordinate unit web assets in accordance to VUSAF policy. This office with permission of the VUSAF/CS may delegate the daily operation of unit level web assets through pre-arranged and acceptable secure means. This office shall retain the call sign of USAF1005 and the air staff identifier A2. 

Don Woolem

AETC Commander (AETC/CC)

Responsible for of all new vUSAF pilots admitted into the VUSAF's Undergraduate Pilot Training Program (PTP).  AETC/CC shall also be responsible for ensuring Instructor Pilots (IP) maintain a minimum standard of activity as a Instructor to ensure competency. 


Paul Hallatt

ACC Commander (ACC/CC)

Responsible for continuation training and maintaining a CONUS-based combat-ready forces for rapid deployment and employment while ensuring strategic air defense forces are ready to meet the challenges of peacetime air sovereignty and wartime air defense.

Dennis Stanek

AMC Commander (AMC/CC)

 Responsible for providing airlift, air refueling, special air mission and aero medical evacuation for U.S. forces. Supplies forces to theater commands to support operational taskings



Neither the Department of the Air Force, nor any other component of the Department of Defense or Federal Government has approved, endorsed, or authorized this promotion, activity, or organization. Virtual United States Air Force organization is in no way affiliated with the Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, or any other federal or government entity. Virtual United States Air Force is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts with the common interest of promoting enjoyment and cameraderie through the simulation of military operations and procedures utilizing several flight simulation platforms.

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