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Vatsim requires all VSOA’s to have certain training program in place, with minimum requirements that must be met. These training materials are checked and verified that they meet said requirements. All necessary training materials can be found in the VUSAF School House AETC Training Center which is located in the Portal (log-in area) on the top menu bar. Once you are logged in to the Schoolhouse, you can view and/or download your Mission Module.

The typical training track for an experienced pilot consists of the IFS-100 flight test, IFT-101 exam, and the VATSIM/FSInn exam. Once these are completed and passed your will be fast tracked to the MQT portion of our training, otherwise known as mission qualification. This portion of your training will be done in your assigned air-frame.

Pilots with little or no experience will need to complete the IFS, IFT, VATSIM/FSInn exam, UPT, SUPT, & MQT modules of our training. You can find more information about the training in the vUSAF Schoolhouse.

vUSAF Schoolhouse

At the moment, these exams are not available.

A staff member from AETC will assign you each mission in sequence. Once you complete a module, file your flight report in addition to emailing your files as indicated in the module instructions, failure to do so may result in not receiving credit and possibly being dropped from the program. Please remember to include the mission assignment number in your report; it is a unique ID that is included with your assignment.

If you require additional assistance, please ask. We will not know you need help if you do not ask.  I encourage everyone to take practice flights if needed.  You can file these flights and put in the comment section “IFS-100 Training Flight”, etc.  Put the module you are flying so we can keep track of your progress.

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